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Learn By Doing

We inculcate learning by doing, which is something that the learner should ideally reflect on during and after the activity to get most out of it – but it can also be an extremely natural way of learning(it is sometimes referred to as “incidental learning“), which can be undertaken – consciously or unconsciously.

Beyond the Books

At Pragna School, our commitee not only provides individualized, multi-sensory reading instruction, but also to builds confident, self-assured children who are ready to learn, lead and succeed.

How To Register Your Child for PRAGNA

A simple, robust and constraint free approach for the freshers as well as our students getting re-admitted.

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Fill student registration form for your child with your contact details and proof of residence


Provide a copy of Official Birth Certificate, immunization records, TC and other documents.


Necessary tution fee payment.




Academic Departments

We provide versatile, muti-sensory, dynamic facuty members who has an expertise in the each department for overall growth & building caliber in all the students of various talents.


Reading & Writing

Pragna’s creative and intellectual development through a skills-based content-embedded approach to teaching reading, writing, thinking, and speaking, Mont-SSLC, in a sequence that strengthens student expertise and allows for group and individual instruction.


Learning maths doesn’t begin and end in the classroom. Once child starts school,  they still have a big role to play in helping him build maths and numeracy skills in all walks of life, which is being taught with an affluent approach for the child to love mathematics.


Science at PRAGNA aims to promote inspiring science teaching by encouraging communication between teachers and students highlighting the best in teaching and cutting-edge research. It covers not only biology, physics and chemistry, but also earth sciences, engineering and health, focusing on interdisciplinary work.


Learning about history topics in primary school can be great fun. We make Children inspired to research events, thinking about people of the past & we encourage enjoyment in all the bits  and collaborative skills that we just cannot ignore the wonderful advantages of learning about the past.

Extra Curricular Programs

These programs fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school and it is provided to our students OUT OF THE BOX.


Young Musicians

We offer light music courses for interested students and create platform for competition among various levels.

Analysis of individual strenght

Power of knowing each of their students as an individual using their students’ interests, learning patterns, and personal goals as part of lesson planning, course selections, and activities outside the classroom

Afterschool Sports

Sports are a great activity to get your kids involved in. They help your little ones make friends, develop teamwork and get exercise.

Art & Design

Create something new at the PRAGNA School of Art and Design. Our programs nurture creativity in students to reach potential.


After School programs


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