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Principal: Umadevi K N

Grade Levels: Mont to SSLC

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Student enrolment forms are required for new and re-enrolling students for academic year.
Testing and Standards

As the name implies, standards-based reform places standards at the heart of the system. Our goal is to focus the attention of everyone in the system on what students are expected to learn—the results schooling is expected to achieve—rather than on the resources or effort put into the system. We are intended to set common learning expectations for all students, regardless of background or where they happen to attend schools.

News & Events
We are developing a Pragna On-line Learning  series that includes, among many other wonderful features, a wiki database of online educational activities and resources that will be available this coming summer.

While we are getting our Pragna On-line Learning ready for our grand reopening, please check out the Curriculum Guides and teacher support for those guides provided by our webpage.

Programs & Curriculum
At Pragna, we provide world class curriculum to match the standards of today’s world. We provide specific programs for specific requirements of experience for Montessori Education, Kindergarten education,  Primary and Secondary education providing enough

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August 16th

School Curriculum

A fun learn adaptive approach for optimum utilization of best resource



#16/2, 5th cross, Byatrayanapura, Mysore Road, Bengaluru 560026

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M-F: 8am – 4pm

Weekends: Closed

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Saturday, August 15

Independence Day 2020 Celebrations

Thursday, July 26

Prathiba Karanji Competition

wednesday, August 15

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We at PRAGNA VIDYANIKETAN always strive hard to equip students with latest academics for their best future.






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